Royal Render

Render Management Software
Holger Schönberger

The creation of 3D content (eg. VFX productions or animated films) is very demanding. You often have to administer hundreds or even thousands of computing units. On-premise or cloud-based. Royal Render takes away this complexity and organizes your render jobs for your renderfarm. It manages, controls and checks your renders. Royal Render has been shaped by the harsh realities of projects small and large.


  • cross-plattform application (Windows/macOS/Linux)
  • uses QT framework
  • job checking and error handling
  • user management
  • on-premise and cloud support (Azure, Google Cloud)


Royal Render Website

What I did:

Software Development

  • redesign and multi-threading for image viewer
  • support for cloud-based rendering
  • Python API for cloud provider plug-ins