Sample Robot

Instrument Cloning Tool
Halten & Zweiling GbR

SampleRobot is an instrument cloning tool and sample library creator. It is made for musicians and sound designers. The auto-sampling process easily turns MIDI instruments into high quality multisample sets that can be used with a variety of hardware and software samplers. You can create your own professional libraries in no time.


  • cross-plattform application (Windows/macOS)
  • uses QT framework
  • auto sampling (using MIDI)
  • sample patch export for various hardware/software samplers


Sample Robot Website
SuperBooth 19 TechTalk
Yamaha Behind The Synth Podcast

What I did:

Co-Founding & Software Development

  • co-founder of Halten & Zweiling GbR
  • UI design for SampleRobot 6
  • new UI code for SampleRobot 6
  • new audio engine code for SampleRobot 6
  • Yamaha Montage and Bitwig export
  • deployment tools